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In Pamplona since 1985.

Effectively advising a company starts with a deep understanding of the people behind it. As William Somerset once said, sometimes the longest journey is the distance between two people. Gabinete a3 has been working since 1985 to bridge that gap for each of our clients, guiding them through their unique business endeavors. Whether it's a fledgling startup, an innovative R&D project, a traditional family business, or any other venture, we're committed to offering comprehensive support. Our approach combines decades of experience with the expertise of our specialised team, tailored to meet the needs of your project. Located in the heart of Pamplona, on Avenida Sancho el Fuerte, we invite you to visit us for any business advice you might need. Let's start a conversation.

Miguel Díaz

Miguel Díaz - Partner

Jose Apaolaza

Jose Apaolaza - Partner


Tax advice and strategy for the company / Representation upon tax inspection / Legal defense in administrative and judicial procedures

Advice on financial and accounting matters / Supervision of accounting and end-of-year closure / Analysis of balance sheets and economic-financial studies / Execution of accounts and tax records / Investment analysis

Advice on labor and social security & national insurance matters / Preparation of payrolls and social insurance / Labor relations / Dismissals and employment regulation files (ERTES) / Processing of subsidies, bonuses, and benefits / Representation before labor inspection / Defense in labor proceedings in administrative and judicial procedures

Corporate advice / Advice and secretaries of board of directors / Legal defense in corporate conflicts

Due Diligence / Shareholder agreements / Phantom share / Protocols and advice to family businesses

Public financing / Bank financing / Investment funds / Activation of R&D and obtaining tax benefits in corporate tax / Obtaining public subsidies

Gabinete a3: personal advice for your business.Gabinete a3: personal advice for your business.

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